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This blog began as a journal of my sobriety via sugar detox and the subsequent increase in self-esteem, confidence and well-being. “I used to have a passion for drinking; I drank it to celebrate, to commiserate, because I had a great day, because I had a crap day because it was a Tuesday because it was a Friday, and so the list went on. Alcohol had become my raison d'être, having started as a form of self-medication from childhood trauma.”  


Three years on, I have run multiple ultras, marathons and halves, completed the foundation and year one of Uni, and lost my dog (my dearest Flash). My best friend to cancer realised how deep the childhood trauma went, eventually stumbling on my co-dependency, gaining a new partner in crime in the shape of my new adopted doggo Ralph and in the most recent days, after watching a short video on the hidden symptoms of ADHD in women realised that I probably have ADHD. 


In short, I have continued to evolve, and so has this blog. 


This is why I decided to change the name. Mysugarevoltion has now been changed to “Revolt to Evolve.” 


​I’m still writing about my ongoing mental and physical health journey, but this also encompasses mature student life, learning how to be a dog owner again (after two years of no doggo's in my life) and my ADHD journey. 

It is also Catharism for me, but at the same time I hope that they will help anyone who is either considering enrolling in University as a mature student (with or without neurodivergence.) 


I'm perfectly happy spending my free time working on these blogs, however, the running costs aren't cheap - if anyone can spare the odd £ to help me pay for the costs of the websites I would be eternally grateful.

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